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Two months to get back to the origins of the Evaluation.

2020/12/20    シーズン中のテストスピーチと論評をアーカイブとして公開

       An archive of test speeches and commentaries from the season.

What's new!

<開催期間 Date>

 Season1:11/10 ~ 11/23

 Season2:12/1   ~ 12/14

 Finale:12/20 PM8:00 online






​What is Evaluation Festival?

Evaluation is one of the features of our meetings. What do you usually look for, think about, and what words do you use when you give your comments? There is a limited amount of time to deliberate, and there may have been times when it was impossible to convey everything you wanted to say in the limited time of three minutes. Now, holding meetings online, popularized by the coronation disaster, has brought TMs around the world closer together in the blink of an eye. Today, anyone with a communication device can attend TM club meetings around the world.

 One of the D76's new endeavors in this era is this Evaluation Festival. It will provide a place and opportunity for test speakers and TM members of the D76 to view the speeches and gain insight and new perspectives in this web page.

 By adopting a descriptive style, the festival will focus more on the essence of reviewing, i.e., "Thoughts and opinions of the speakers", without the limitation of time and the ties of awards. In addition, the test speeches and written reviews will be published in full on this website during the period. If you think the commentary is great and interesting, please press the Good button. At the end of the Evaluation Festival, we will be happy to introduce you to those commentaries which have received many Good buttons. We hope many members will participate in and become fans of the Evaluation Festival, by the conclusion of the Festival.

 We are looking forward to hearing from you, as well as gaining your support for the future of TM!

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